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Your arrangement has been beautifully designed and handcrafted to last 50x longer than conventional roses. Like all other roses and luxury goods, you must handle and maintain this product with care. Please review the important information and follow our care instructions.

  • Our roses are persevered, do not water or spray them with any liquids.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight will reduce their quality and longevity.
  • Our roses are delicate, as such, place them in room temperature and do not place any items on top of them.
  • The lid is decorative, do not attempt to close the box as this will damage the roses.
  • Do not attempt to pull the petals or roses, this will damage the arrangement.

Greetings from La Fleur Mi Amor, where our story unfolds with the elegance of our long-lasting preserved roses in a luxurious Parisian-inspired decorative box.

Our organic farms in South America grow the finest roses - handpicked from our fields and preserved through our proprietary process. Then, our skilled artisans in Los Angeles and New York, with attention to detail and care, craft each arrangement, creating an experience that whispers tales of love and beauty.

Step into our world where every petal tells a story.