Like many great stories, La Fleur Mi Amor originated from a simple and sincere place of love. Before we were designing arrangements and delivering flowers all over the world, we were just a normal couple - a wife who adored flowers and a husband who adored his wife.

We lived in different cities and worked to maintain a long-distance relationship. We strongly believe in the power of gift giving - especially the idea of giving and receiving flowers. Soon enough, the practice of sending her roses while being hundreds of miles away became a ritual we cherished.

While she always looked forward to a new bouquet of roses, it also greatly saddened my wife when the roses began to wither away. The wilting of the roses, and the desire to replace them without a regular trip to the florist led us to discover the magic of preserved roses!

Being the hopeless romantics that we were, the idea of beautiful roses lasting much longer than usual was too enticing to give up on. We found preserved roses to be a symbolic, timeless gift. Instead of merely existing and withering away, they became a part of our home.

Soon, we found our inspiration on the rose farms of South America and placed the roses in boxes inspired by Parisian decorative boxes - and La Fleur Mi Amor was created. Our name reflected our admiration for the aesthetics of Paris and the freshness of Latin America - and how they combined to form some of the most beautiful, sentimental gifts in the world.

Today our roses originate in family-owned farms in South America, where they are harvested and taken through their proprietary preservation process. Soon after our roses are transported to the United States, where they are carefully crafted into elegant arrangements. We strongly believe that gifting is an art, and with our rose assortments being both hand-picked and hand-designed, we make sure that you receive nothing less than art.