Set the stage for a memorable Mother's Day this year! It's the time of the year to celebrate the superheroes of our lives – the mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, and aunts! Regardless of which superhero you're celebrating this year, they deserve a gift just as special as them – that's why we have La Fleur Mi Amor's guide to the perfect Mother's Day gifts! Our signature preserved roses are not just beautiful, they're a symbol of enduring love. The La Fleur Mi Amor gifts are all unique and designed to leave your mother feeling delighted – because when it comes to expressing love for our moms, only a gift as timeless as her love will do.

Je T'aime 'I Love You' Box Bouquet

Don't just say "Mom, I love you," make her face light up this Mother's Day by letting the Je T'aime' I Love You' Box show it to her! Revealing 21 beautiful, preserved roses spelling out 'I Heart U' – it isn't just a gift, it's a heartfelt message that shows the maternal presence in your life that her love is appreciated. As unique as your relationship with her, the box is a memorable gift that'll leave her in awe. So this Mother's Day, ditch the basic flowers and give mom a gift that screams "I love you" louder than words ever could – the Je T'aime "I Love You" Box Bouquet!

Belle Amour 36 Rose Box Bouquet

Put a unique twist on bouquets to let mom know she only deserves the best! The Belle Amour 36 Rose Box Bouquet is a gorgeous arrangement of 36 preserved roses styled in a hand-crafted Parisian-style box. More than just a bouquet, it's a symbol of love – with beautiful roses that will stay with her till the next Mother's Day comes around! The Belle Amour is the perfect gift that says, "You're simply the best!"

Belle Amour 16 Rose Box Bouquet

When less is more for the superhero in your life, the Belle Amour 16 Rose Box Bouquet steps into the spotlight. Surprise her with 16 stunning preserved roses, set beautifully in a Parisian box – a gift she will cherish for months, and possibly years. Make this Mother's Day unforgettable with the Belle Amour.

La Rêveuse Rose Love Display with Keepsake Drawer

Say it with beautiful flowers, say it with jewelry, say it with the La Rêveuse! A crystal-clear acrylic box showcasing a collection of stunning preserved roses, and a drawer underneath it – the La Rêveuse Rose Love Display with Keepsake Drawer is the perfect duality of gift. You can fill the storage space with little jewelry, chocolates, or pictures of the two of you to give the gift an extra touch – or leave it up to her to decide! The La Rêveuse is a sentimental time capsule, a way to showcase your love in a special way. This Mother's Day, give a gift that goes beyond beauty, a gift that holds your cherished memories together.

Teddy Bear Rose Bouquet

Want to gift the pillar in your life something unique and adorable that'll make her say "awww" out loud? Then, the Teddy Bear Rose Bouquet is the perfect choice for you! Fourteen inches tall and made of faux roses, it's a beautiful twist on classic teddy bears that your mom would love to put on display.

Choosing the perfect Mother's Day gift can be daunting, but La Fleur Mi Amor has you covered! From the Je T'aime' I Love You' Box to the Belle Amour Rose Bouquets, every gift here is more than just flowers – they're unique and special, just like your mother. This year, celebrate Mother's Day with a gift from La Fleur Mi Amor that's as ever-lasting and vibrant as a mother's love, leaving a mark she'll cherish forever.

Rahat Sandhu