Let's be honest: Wedding flowers are stunning—and stunningly expensive. As a budget-conscious bride, the thought of those expensive, beautiful bouquets wilting within days of the biggest day of your life can be a major source of stress. But what if there was a way to have everlasting gorgeous blooms that stick to your budget? Enter La Fleur Mi Amor's preserved roses.

What Are Preserved Roses?

Imagine a rose captured at the pinnacle of its timeless beauty. Its velvety petals, bursting with color, hold the essence of a summer's day. But unlike other roses, this one is destined for a longer song. Through the unique artistry of La Fleur Mi Amor's preservation process, it transcends the ephemeral, becoming a symbol of enduring beauty. We carefully source our blooms from Colombian farms known for their beauty and commitment to fair practices, infusing your wedding with beauty inside and out.

Bye-Bye Stress, Hello Savings: Wedding Flowers With Magic and Meaning That Won't Break the Bank

Planning Ahead

Say goodbye to worrying about seasonal flower price hikes. With preserved roses, you can order well in advance and lock in your costs early. Our website shows you different options and arrangements at fixed costs, so you're not worried about the small stuff on your big day. Our preserved roses are available in a variety of colors that suit your wedding decor the best; you could also opt for a personal greeting card message and choose a preferred delivery date. This allows for thoughtful planning, not last-minute panic – a true gift for any bride-to-be!

DIY Delights: Less Labor, More Love

Preserved roses are less fragile than fresh flowers, and their gentle strength makes them ideal for a touch of wedding DIY. Creating simple arrangements such as bouquets and boutonnieres saves big bucks on labor costs and gives you a personal touch for your wedding that no wedding planner can compete with! For instance, La Fleur Mi Amor's Belle Amour Box Bouquets is an exquisite arrangement featuring a rainbow of rose varieties, from a single rose to our opulent 49-rose bouquet in vibrant colors that can make the tablescapes come alive at your wedding venue! If you're looking for inspiration, our La Fleur Mi Amor blog page is a treasure trove of creative tutorials and ideas for using preserved roses.

Lasting Keepsakes: The Best Kind of Wedding Souvenirs

Our everlasting roses that last a year or more create equal lasting memories. With La Fleur Mi Amor, you won't feel the need to splurge on fresh flowers every few weeks just to feel that wedding day magic – your preserved roses offer a constant and beautiful reminder that will stand the test of time. Ceremony arrangements can be transformed into stunning displays for your home, filling it with the joy of your wedding long after the last guest departs. One way to do this is by creating shadow boxes framing a single preserved bloom alongside a photo from the day and your wedding invitation. Cute, right? You could also try designing glass-topped jewelry boxes showcasing delicate preserved roses, perfect for storing special mementos. A fun task on a boring Sunday!

Beauty Meets Budget: La Fleur Mi Amor's Top Picks

Je T'aime 'I Love You' Box Bouquet

There's no better way to express the depth of love at your wedding than with a hand-curated selection of our finest Latin American roses saying 'I Love You.' Our customizable rose colors allow you to create a display that perfectly complements your wedding decor and reflects your unique style. These preserved roses, meticulously frozen in time, symbolize the enduring essence of love, a constant reminder of the vows you share.

Belle Amour Box Bouquet

A gorgeous ensemble of exquisite beauty, these preserved roses in a box will make the hearts of all your wedding guests sing. Our beautiful rose collection features a wide range of bouquets of roses, from a single rose to our grand 49-rose bouquet. Select the option that speaks volumes about your love and indulge in the beauty of these everlasting flowers. Let La Fleur Mi Amor's long-lasting roses whisper the story of your love, adding an unforgettable touch of romance to your wedding celebration.

La Rêveuse Love Display

The La Rêveuse is a stunning display featuring long-lasting roses nestled within a display case that doubles as a special keepsake drawer, making it the perfect wedding return gift. Our selection includes single rose display boxes to 25 rose love display boxes available in a variety of colors, making it the ideal gift to make this special occasion unforgettable. Embrace the exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance of La Rêveuse by choosing the perfect gift that celebrates the beauty of your special day and leaves a lasting impression.

Beyond the Savings: Symbolism That Shines

Our preserved roses transcend mere decoration; they resonate with the very essence of your wedding vows. Each petal holds a promise of everlasting love, a reminder of shared moments meant to bloom eternally. With La Fleur Mi Amor, you adorn your wedding with reminders of the promises you've made, promises that will continue to bloom long after the "I dos" are spoken.

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